Ten Lights in Sikhism set the seals to the Last Tw

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Ten Lights in Sikhism set the seals to the Last Two Prophets of the Four Prophets - 1. RAAM RAJAYE - THE ROYAL KINGDOM OF GOD WITHIN YOUR OWN HEART.
Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was the Second Coming of Christ Jesus but hardly anyone knows this simple fact. Book people hardly know who is the creator of male and female? Both Sikhs and Christians are dead in the letters. Sikhism presents a very logical approach to His Word and there are Six Satgurus who led the Sikhs from one stage to the next. For example, Satguru Angad Dev Ji killed Ego in the people and made them to submit themselves to the Will opf our Father, Satguru Amar Dev Ji and not Dass Ji got the Fruit of submission to His Will, the very Keys to the Treasury of our Father. He led the Sikhs from the doubting stage by stressing to stick to Akal Purakh and not be tempted by Mammon or greed. Fourth Satguru Ram Dass Ji requested people to get sealed to serve God by enjoying the company of Saints who are already sealed. Then, the Fruit of Devotion to Ram was to be One with Akal Purakh as Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was in the beginning. That is why Satguru Arjun Dev Ji proclaimed that Satguru Nanak Dev Ji is the Greatest of all the Christs - SABHH TAE VADDAH SATGURU NANAK; JINN KALL RAKHI MERI. After Satguru Arjun Dev Ji had compiled the Holy Book and autheniated each page, he was killed by Chandu Khatri whose surname is not revealed by the Khatris. Sucha Nand was a Puri Khatri, the same surname as that of Lala Harbhajan Yogi of 3HO.
After the death of Satguru Arjun Dev Ji came Sachae Patshah Har Gobind Ji who brought Transition from the Second Sikh Panth of Service and Humbleness to Sword power to sort out the sons of Satan, the Khatris turned Mullahs. Then was Sachae Patshah, Royal King, Har Rai Ji and Har Krishan Ji. Then came the Last Christ or Satguru on earth Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji Who gave the Ultimate Sermon firmly sealing Sikhs to the service of our Father God. He proclaimed that if you want to join us, then be prepared to die for the religious Freedom. His Companion Sikhs were mercilessly butchered by the greatest Hypocrite Moghul king Aurangzeb. That was the end of anointed Satgurus or Christs in this Dark Age and it were mostly the Kashmiri Khatris and Sarsuts who became Mohammedans and Mullahs responsible for the death of Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji. Today, the Kashmiris are punished by being put between the two countries India and Pakistan as the bone of contention.
After the death of Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji, the Fourth Last Prophet of this Dark Age, Royal King = Sachae Paatshah Gobind Rai Ji initiated the Ultimate Soldiers of our Father to fight the stubborn sons of Satan. This END OF THE WORLD IS APPROACHING AND THE TARES ARE BUNDLED UP IN ISRAEL FOR FINAL BURNING - Matt.13.v24-30. So, you will see financial and other problems in the world. Jews are supposed to run for Israel for protection as they did in 66 A.D before the ATOMIC WAR that would usher in the next Age Sattyug when every one would be the son of God, full of Mercy and compassion for both human and animals. New Age, New Circle of Age as represented by SWASTIKA. So, be prepared for the TRIBULATIONS and Preach Gospel to create the Royal Kingdom of God wherever you live. This is stressed by Second anointed Christ = SATGURU Nanak Dev Ji, JITTHAE JAYE BAHE MERA SATGURU, OH THAAN SUHAWA RAM RAJAYE.
How many so-called Sikhs know that Nanak was a Satguru and not a Brahmin Guru, moral teacher? Hardly one in a Million!!!! - KOTON MAE AIK will Preach Gospel.

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