Predictions future Canary Islands volcano by runes

Rune divination predictions of future Canary Islands volcano eruption and tidal wave. Giant tsunami could hit U.S. East Coast and Europe with giant wave. In August - September 2011 there were hundreds of earthquakes on El Hierro Island indicating a volcanic eruption could occur soon. Also see my web page and video where using the King James version Bible Code I look at this.

Following the March 2011 tidal wave tsunami and earthquake in Japan, people have wondered if a tsunami could hit the U.S..
A giant tidal wave could it hit the Eastern United States from a Canary Islands volcano? Volcano off North Africa could have a giant landslide and tidal wave. The Cumbre Vieja volcano erupting on La Palma island could result in a giant landslide causing a giant tidal wave hitting North Africa, Spain, Europe, the Eastern Coast of the U.S. including Miami Florida. The possibility of this Canary Islands tidal wave has been in the news in recent years.
And note that in August - September 2011 there were earthquake swarms in the Canary Islands, which may predict a volcano could erupt there soon.

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