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Ground-Shaking Booms Puzzle Tennessee Neighborhood

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  • uploaded: Oct 2, 2011
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Ground-Shaking Booms Puzzle Louisville, Tennessee Neighborhood - Sep. 29, 2011

"Louisville residents searching for the source of an unexplained ground-shaking boom can scratch another theory off the list.

A Loudon County resident speculated on Thursday that the noise could have come from maintenance on an underground pipeline (see previous story below). The Plantation Pipe Line Company operates a large liquid refined petroleum pipeline that runs from Knoxville to Macon, Georgia. The pipeline is co-owned and operated by Kinder Morgan.

Emily Mir with Kinder Morgan's media relations department contacted 10News on Friday morning and indicated there were no recent operations that would have created the noise. Furthermore, the pipeline in question is located around 10 miles from the Lashbrooke subdivision"

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  • Spidara4#

    Spidara4 March 22, 2012 3:04:27 AM CET

    We are having the same issues here in wisconsin.clintonville has been dealing with the same for a week now.checked gas lines,water lines,eathquake,military all is a no. So we r nervous cuz no one can see it or understand it. Many have evacuated themselves in fear. Any ideas?? Have anything to do with solar storm?

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