A star of EL 4 Revealing the face of J.C in a star

  • Uploaded by Gazelem on Oct 3, 2011
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Greetings dear brothers and sisters,

This short video is of another star i filmed, i can not seem to find the actual clip, but i have some still images, the ones that count i believe. There is a face that has the look of jesus, although his eye is large oval and purpley in colour, yet seems to have another eye within it, a more human looking one, i see his hair and nose and mouth with moustache and beard, and the letters J and C on the side of his head. Viewing another angle of the image i see the head of an horse-like creature depicted, and where its nostrils and mouth are, the letters JC can be seen. Look for the eye, it is also an head of one sitting there, his feet two closed ends of the large c. The Eye that says GOD is a memory from another star i observed and filmed once, but it is awol at the moment. The face i drew then coloured isnt perfect, it is the basic of what i see, the real face follows, whether you see it or not is entirely up to thee :o)

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