Wealth Day Riots are the result of clever greedy p

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Wealth Day Riots are the result of clever greedy people fleecing the simpletons or poor. This is the reward of loving Mammon and hating God. There is no righteousness among the cheats otherwise they won't be rich. Riches are gained through dubious means which are not righteous of God but of Satan. They collect Mammon in the name of unrighteous Satan and Satan cannot give them protection as it happened during the recent German Holocaust in which riches of the Jews played the major role. Remember Jesus asked the rich Jewish man to give his riches back to the poor that you have fleeced and join me but his love of Mammon was greater than of God. Whereas the Samaritans did not have such a disparity between the rich and the poor and they led a life of contentment and Peace earning the Treasures of our Father through Philanthropic deeds such as picking up the wounded person and looking after him. Communist countries are nearest to God whilst the Capitalist nearest to Mammon or Satan. Peace and contentment prevailed in the communist part of Germany but no more on joining the capitalist German. So, riots in America and other capitalist countries are eminent and people would be forced to run to their countries for safety as the Jews ran for Jerusalem in 64 A.D. when the village people started killing Jews for killing the three Just Men, Jesus, Stephen and St.James, the Just. So, the Atomic war is not far away and the Mayan Calendar could be right. Father knows better but in Christ, we can read the signs of the Age. Rabbis could read the physical signs such as if wind blows this direction, it will bring storm, etc whilst we can read the spiritual signs that when the people love Mammon more than God, it will bring their destruction as of the Jews during the Holocausts.

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