New Age Dave-Die Another Day(Electro Remix)

There are moments in life when you decide it is time to get up and GO. Fueled by a steady passion for music, NewAge Dave brings you a taste of electro with new, sonically satisfying complexity. Combining a decade of influence spanning dubstep, electro, complextro and progressive house, this new brand of NewAge House music is sure to evoke a strong reaction on the dance floor.The fusion of genres that gel together create a completely new electronic music experience; this is bass you feel, the leads that lift you, and the drums that keep your feet shuffling.
Immersed in music his entire life, Dave receives inspiration from everything. With an ear for detail, he effortlessly combines ingredients that result in lively tracks. Producing with Ableton Live, NewAge Dave skillfully employs innovative techniques and refuses to be confined by labels.The freedom of expression is liberating and the experimental progress of sound has proved to be nothing but successful.Harnessing the energy and movement of life and transposing it into sound is a feat not often reached by other producers. Throw out your preconceived notions of how things should be done, and enter the age of complexity. Dave is taking electro to the next level, and he’s taking you with him.
A new age of synthesis is coming. In the past, musical artists were often pigeonholed and confined to a single genre with a single purpose- NewAge Dave is a part of this generation’s movement towards limitless expression. Independence and freedom shadow previous limitations. The future of music lies beyond the turntables, beyond the beyond the lights, beyond the dance floor. Music is the drive and NewAge Dave is the destination. With his new album being crafted under wraps in his private Los Angeles studio, NewAge Dave is soon to have your body moving.

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