India To Biometric ID 1.2 Billion People

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October 03, 2011 - CNN's Sara Sidner reports on India's new high-tech effort to identify all of its citizens.


Governments want to tag you and then track and scan your every commercial move because you are the creature from which it extracts human resources. Government cannot exist without human resources, government literally feeds off of the people, but you see the government needs to trick the people into thinking that you need it in order to survive.

So in this clip they are using very poor people as an example of how this electronic dog collar, will benefit them. It’s all about wealth redistribution, where do you think the Indian government is going to get the money to help these impoverished people?

Well the Indian government will get this money from other Indian people in the form of an income tax; nobody wants to pay this income tax, because it’s hard enough to make a living for one’s own family as it is. So the Indian government just like every other nation state on the planet will collect this money through the threat of force and violence.

Charity should always be voluntarily provided, that way it won't be confused with slavery. That’s the real message behind this video, Government is encouraging poor people to come be their slaves in order that they may partake in the spoils that the government had wrongfully plundered from the labor of its other slaves.

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