Epic #occupywallstreet Protestor w/ a Real Message

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Epic #occupywallstreet Protestor with a Real Message!

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Occupy Wall Street Protestor on Federal Reserve


I think that most people could tell by this guy’s passion, that he is for real. Yet at the same time, many are still not hip to the game that the Federal Reserve is running on the American people.

Hopefully such boisterous activism will help to pique the interest of some of those around him whom were sporting confused faces. Ultimately occupy Wall Street is being attended by many different people for various reasons, which makes it the perfect opportunity to help educate the discontented masses.

Many people are destined to begin their journey into waking up at events such as these. So be patient, everyone is at different levels of awareness to what is really going on in this country. You can’t rightfully slight someone for not knowing, as the propaganda has always been very thick, and highly effective.

It's wake up time, like it or not... Even if you refuse to wake up, the economy is about to drag you there kicking and screaming... So why not take the easy road, and learn all about why the Federal Reserve is your greatest enemy.

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