Kingdom of heaven for Angels whilst the Royal King

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Kingdom of heaven for Angels whilst the Royal Kingdom of God for Christs, the sons of God - 2. KINGDOM OF HEAVEN FOR ANGELS VERSUS THE ROYAL KINGDOM OF GOD FOR CHRISTS, THE SONS OF GOD.
Let us define Angels and the Apostles so that the complimentary Roles of both are appreciated. Now, there are Two regimes; one of the Rabbis who represent Moon, the Witnesses to the Light but not the Light, John, the Baptist, an Ideal Rabbi or Prophet Elijah, who train men, the heads of families in morality or make them the Salt of the earth by establishing their Covenant in flesh with their Tribal Elders. John, the Baptist that Represents Moon, Prophet Elijah, Headed this Regime called Kingdom of Heaven that is seen in Law and Order. The people who are Perfect in the Moral Laws are called Angels. They see that people are morally sound as it were the Angels who went in the morning, that represents know what they are looking for whilst the night Darkness represents the Blind Rabbis or guides that lead the blind into the Pits of Holocausts, to see the Field in the Day Light with the knowledge of Christ and they discovered Tares, the sons of Satan unfaithful to Abraham, the Jews of physical selves or outwardly, among the sons of Abraham, the Salt of Earth who have conscience or morality as the base for spirituality. So, they see that people are morally sound as it were the Angels who went to see the Field, Matt.13.v24-30, in the Day Light and Found Tares, the sons of Satan unfaithful to Abraham, the Jews of physical selves or outwardly. Thus, Angels pave the way for Christ Jesus and the 70 outer circle Labourers who were also Preached the Gospel by Christ Jesus had the Light of Christ in their hearts like John, the Baptist. As Christ Jesus could not Preach Gospel unless the people are salt of the earth, so the Apostles would have been unable to Preach Gospel without the 70 Ideal Rabbis produced by Christ Jesus in the name of John, the Baptist, who are the proofs that Christ Jesus came to fulfill the Law and not to destroy it. Christ Jesus represented Sun, the Primary Source of Light and The 12 inner Circle Labourers were of the Sun, the Apostles or the Christs that Jesus produced to Replace Himself or to carry on with the work of God as the Sons of God. As Jesus did not baptised anyone in water, so none of the Apostles baptised anyone in water. Further, the Eucharist of Sacrifice or entering into the Bridal Chamber and not this of Antichrist of remembrance in which they mock Christ Jesus’ Baptism in Holy Spirit. Normally this Eucharist is given to those who have baptism of John, the Baptist in Abraham that made them the sons of Abraham or Adam. In Christ Jesus, we are Sons of God and as our Father is eternal so are we eternal in Christ Jesus whilst the Angels being the sons of Man are not eternal unless they too become Apostles. This is demonstrated in Matthias who was chosen to replace the traitor Judas Iscariot and he became an Apostle, a Preacher of Gospel. Rest or Salvation called MUKAAM in Punjabi is the Royal Kingdom of God, to the Sons of God whom is the inheritance whilst the Angels are being the Kingdom of Heaven for Disciples, the slaves of Rabbis and to the moral laws and sins cannot inherit the Royal Kingdom of God. Apostles are slaves to the righteousness of our Father and not to the sins that are transgressions against the moral laws. This Christ Peter stressed in his Epistle that the Angels are subject to the Law and sins but not the Sons of God. So, please Preach Gospel of Righteousness so that the twice-born cheats, like the Judah Iscariot, do not fleece the once-born poor and become rich that creates disparity between the rich and poor leading to riots and holocausts. The Jews had this disparity when Christ Jesus told the rich man to return his riches to the poor that he had fleeced in order to become perfect but he loved Mammon more than God. Whilst among the Samaritans, this disparity was non-existent and so they were already into the Royal Kingdom of God through righteousness. That is why the Gentile did not need Christ Jesus as demonstrated by the Samaritan Woman at well in John 4. She vetted Christ Jesus in spirit and in spirit she declared that you are a Prophet and when Christ comes He will tell us everything. Christ Jesus was so pleased with her knowledge in spirit that He happily declared to her that He is the expected Christ. Her whole village became Apostles and it were these Gentile Apostles that the Messianic Jews killed by throwing them before the animals. Light came among his own but they loved Darkness for satanic deeds and suffered holocausts for their riches. That is what will be going on in America and the world today. Preach Gospel of Agape Devine Love and Righteousness for Rest.

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