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UFO sighting in Studio City this past July 4,

Noted Mexican Journalist Jaime Maussán To Investigate Studio City UFO Sighting A journalist from Mexico is planning his own investigation of the UFO sighting in Studio City this past July 4, and has interviewed local investigator Steve Murillo, the California state section director of the Mutual UFO Network.

Award-winning journalist Jaime Maussan (60 Minutos) first became aware of the strange object in the sky after reading the reports on Studio City Patch. Since then, three videos of the object have been located (see all of them in the video gallery above.)

He already interviewed local woman Suzanne Chancellor who also said she was abducted and she has a radio show to deal with people who have experienced UFO connections. (See the interview on portal.jaimemaussan.tv

Murillo said, "There are now three videos of the object. As you know, it began with a Studio City woman’s report to MUFON and my subsequent follow up with her." . . .

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