Labourers of Christ Jesus became His Friends prepa

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Labourers of Christ Jesus became His Friends prepared to lay down their lives For Him. In Jesus, we have one Father and we are Brethren and Sisters in the Family of our Father God. Now, Christ Jesus fed them with the Living Bread, His Word, daily and they were so pleased with it that they developed great Friendship with each other and Jesus. In Jesus, we are all solitary as that Narrow Gate leading into the Royal Kingdom of God, the Vineyard where the True Vine Christ Jesus has been planted by our Father only the solitary can enter. So, although they were solitary but the philo love generated by His Word upgraded them to the rank of Friends where everyone is equal and of the same standing. That is why the Temple Priests had to hire Juda Iscariot to catch Jesus. Lazurus too was Friend of Jesus and through him, Christ Jesus demonstrated what is Resurrection? Gospel is for the twice-born people who are predestined of our Father.

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