NWO Mind Bending Public Ugly Art in Plymouth Engla

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Mileau...the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops. How does public Art affect the group mind in Plymouth.

Public Art commissioned to condition you. Brian Gerrish leads us on a tour in Plymouth England showing you public art meant to condition your outlook and affect your space. Art in public does affect people...their outlook .... their perceptions... and expectations their attitude. Clever manipulation by those who commission the artists to condition you. Some of the art goes back to Egyptian power sculpture obelisks which end in a pyramid at the top. The Vatican, Washington DC, and the City of London have such obelisks. All are independent states. When one looks upon art such as these what are they saying? What do they represent? What hidden meanings are being hidden right out in the open? The effect they have on you is intended and certain people who carry agendas have left their mark hidden in plain view.
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Sustainable Plymouth?....humm...check out Freedom Advocates for the true meaning of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21

Shot on location by the Free World Alliance Camera Crew in England





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