End The Fed Dallas 10/07/2011: Part 3-1 0f 2

  • Uploaded by Brtndr98 on Oct 11, 2011
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In this video, while most of the 'Occupy Federal Reserve demonstrators' where around Alex Jones (east of Pearl ST.)getting autographs, photos and just letting Alex know in general, that they're among the many infowarriors around the world who support his show and appreciates the information he talks about on it.

Then, like myself, everyone began to notice that the police (who were standing on Federal Reserve Bank private property)suddenly became real interested by what was happening on Pearl St. between the 'Occupy Wall Street' group across the street from the 'Occupy The Fed' crowd.

So, the majority of the Federal Reserve demonstrators along with Alex Jones, walked over to Pearl St. and began informing the Wall St. people about the errors in their way of viewing the world through corporate controlled information, and money manipulation by the owners of the nations "PRIVATE" federal reserve central bank.

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