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free energy

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  • uploaded: Oct 11, 2011
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  • Botipc#

    Botipc November 7, 2011 7:28:49 AM CET

    Symbols, such as N1 and S1, and D1 provide examples of whole magnet, but the meaning of the magnet, intended to catch just the position of the plummet is hanye For example, a section of the N1 just might not need to use a magnet iteupnida tongue ten thousand and one from a distance you need a magnet, but if you want to catch a falling geuhimgwa tongue to eliminate rolling resistance according to the general fall of iron fixed locations depending on where you plummet gradually be installed in the distribution method is acceptable By adjusting the strength of this part and there is an infinite power

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    Botipc November 7, 2011 6:41:24 AM CET

    %uAE30%uD638 N1%uC758 %uC801%uC0C9%uAD6C%uAC04 %uAE30%uD638 S1 %uCCAD%uC0C9%uAD6C%uAC04%uC5D0%uB294 %uAF2D %uC790%uC11D%uC744 %uC0AC%uC6A9%uD560%uD544%uC694%uAC00 %uC5C6%uC74D%uB2C8%uB2E4 %uB099%uD558%uC9C0%uAC80%uACFC %uCD5C%uB300%uC758 %uC911%uB825%uC758 %uD798%uC744 %uBC1B%uC744%uB54C %uC790%uB825%uC774 %uAC15%uD558%uBA74 %uB418%uB7EC %uD68C%uC804%uC800%uD56D%uC774 %uD06C%uC9C0%uAC8C %uB418%uBBC0%uB85C %uC77C%uBC18 %uB2E4%uB978%uBB3C%uC9C8%uC744 %uC0AC%uC6A9%uD558%uC5EC %uB099%uD558%uC9C0%uC810%uC5D0%uB530%uB77C %uC790%uB825%uC744 %uC870%uC808%uD560%uC218%uC788%uB294 %uC57D%uD55C%uBB3C%uC9C8%uB85C %uB300%uCCB4%uB97C %uD558%uACE0 %uC0C1%uD669%uC5D0 %uB530%uB77C %uAC15%uB3C4%uB97C %uC870%uC808%uD558%uAC8C %uB418%uBA74 %uC804%uCCB4%uC801%uC778 %uD798%uC744 %uC870%uC808 %uD560%uC218 %uC788%uC74D%uB2C8%uB2E4

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    Gruponexus October 11, 2011 10:18:29 PM CEST


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