Old and the New Covenants are explained in details

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Old and the New Covenants are explained in details to warn people of Antichrists - 5.
Christ Jesus came to Redeem us and gave his own life as the Lamb of God to set us FREE of the clutches of Temple Chief Priest = Pope and his satanic Rabbis, robed Dog-Collared Catholic Fathers or hireling Priests. But the clever Messianic Jews jumped over the walls of the Church of God and established themselves by bringing into the Church of God the forbidden Leaven, the Old Testament, the rotten old cloth full of holes good for nothing. In Christ Jesus, we have been moved into the Brand New House built not by human hands but by Nature, the Temple of God. New Covenant provides all the New Utencils for this New Home. Old are not needed anymore. For example, the whole story of Exodus is summarized in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Isaac and his people, who suffered in Egypt. Elder son of father Abraham Ishmael remained faithful to him. Thus, in Jesus, we are solitary as everyone is to give his own account to God but these organized Churches of Mammon are like the blind men defining an elephant that fulfills Matt.12.v43-45, the Temple Priests are dominant. In Jesus, we are the ROYAL PRIESTS greater than Prophet Elijah.
The whole lecture is in a Tabular form that you should download and print. There is some modification and that involves putting the Advent Wreath in the background where the True Vine Christ Jesus is Planted by our Gardner Father. Here is the link:-


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