9/11 Explosive Connections - 9/11 Masterminds

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So if 9/11 was really an “inside” job… Then who were the people “inside” that did it? Well? We can start by looking at some of the people “Inside” the buildings that were targeted and destroyed on 9/11. In the impact zone of the North tower was a company called Marsh and McLennan which at the time was the world’s largest insurance brokerage company. One of Marsh’s executives was a guy named L. Paul Bremer who was also the chairman of the Congressional National Commission on Terrorism from 1999 to 2000, and the US ambassador at large for counter-terrorism from 1986-1989, Instead of going to work on the day of 9/11 and dying inside the towers with hundreds of his employees, Bremer decided to go on MSNBC and tell the world that Osama Bin Laden was behind the attacks and possibly Iraq and Iran, and demanded the most severe military response possible.
L. Paul Bremer was called away from Marsh in 2003 to become the Iraq Occupation Governor, a role he has been widely criticized for.
So Bremer not only worked inside the buildings but had offices directly in the impact zone of the North Tower where the flight 11 would hit, he missed work on 9/11 to give us the official story on national television, and went on to be the Iraq Occupation Governor. You really can’t get much more connected to 9/11 than that! Oh wait, you can sorry I forgot to mention that Bremer was also a former manager for Kissinger Associates, he was a member of the board for Akzo Nobel the parent of international paint company which produced a fire proofing application for skyscrapers called interchar, Bremer was also on the international advisory board for the Japanese mining and machinery company Komatsu which at the time had been involved in a joint venture agreement with Dresser Industries the oil services/intelligence front where Prescott Bush Sr. and George H.W. Bush got their start with Neil Mallon. Anyway the Komatsu-Dresser mining division operated from 1988-1997 and in July 1996 patented a nanothermite demolition device that could “demolish a concrete structure at high efficiency, while preventing a secondary problem due to noise, flying dust and chips, and the like.”
As many of you know, residues of thermite a highly energetic chemical mixture have been confirmed in samples of WTC Dust, and the use of thermite at the WTC was also revealed by environmental data. See description for links and sources.

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