Punjabi - End of Kalyug is near. The Tares are get

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Punjabi - End of Kalyug is near as the Jews are getting bundled up for Final Burning in Israel - Matt.13.v24-30. Satguru Jesus was the First Prophet of this Dark Age and He has predicted the arrival of the Second Son of Man Christ Nanak Dev Ji in the East but His Message would not be appreciated in the East as the Khatris are most greedy people but in the West who are keen to have this knowledge. I have put up over 2350 Youtube Videos on Sikhism as continuation of Christianity. The Anti-Christs who make the following of the spiritually blind people called Disciples who do what the Pope or these Dog-Collared Hirelings of Mammon tell them and they lead them to sectarian riots as in Ireland. In Kalyug, no one can give your account to God but you yourself. That is why you cannot blame a third person for your own suffering. People of the Punjab are lucky to be in the West for Preaching Gospel.

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