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Occupy Wall Street Tribute Radiohead - The Nationa

  • Kanaeta
  • uploaded: Oct 15, 2011
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Radiohead - The National Anthem (Remixed Intro) | Occupy Wall Street Tribute (HQ/720p)

Uploaded by mfisher1967 on Oct 6, 2011

""In my opinion, this is the most important video that I have created thus far. Please download, upload and share this video on as many sites as possible! No need to obtain my permission, or to credit my work; that's not important to me.

I am angered, horrified and saddened beyond words to see the abuse of power captured in the clips that comprise this video. We are being called to resist corruption, out of control spending, war and torture. I applaud the folks in New York who place themselves at risk in order to stand up to the multinational corporations and politicians. Our political parties clearly value money over our prosperity and well-being.""

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  • Jax2818#

    Jax2818 October 16, 2011 5:15:15 PM CEST

    This is insane,,, the people need to swarm like bees over these shit police. SWARM IN PEOPLE SWARM IN!!!! You guys are great for being out there on Wall Street!!!

  • Velesmyst#

    Velesmyst October 15, 2011 10:06:01 PM CEST

    well done, Kanaeta!!!

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