Last Days:-Tribulations have started to sort out t

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Last Days:-Tribulations have started to sort out the rich who fleeced the Poor. In this Dark Age, you two: God or Mammon. Most people love Mammon and fleece the poor to become rich.
Most people are discontented and the disparity between the rich and the poor becomes great. Greater the disparity, more violent would be the riots. Communist countries do not have that much disparity and, therefore, very little riots. Rome is the Capital of Mammon, the Antichrist Pope and it would suffer a great deal. So, USA.U.K., etc where the rich would be forced to leave the countries for their safety to fulfill Matt.13.v24-30.
Second anointed Christ = Satguru Nanak Dev Ji appeared in the Punjab in 1469 and gone whilst the spiritually blind Christians of the Book are still expecting the Second Coming of Christ Jesus.
Wake up and earn your Salvation through Preaching Gospel.

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