I-Phone Siri A.I. Can Assist With Anything

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The latest iPhone Siri voice control feature is like the magic mirror on the wall, able to answer any question. But it seems users are asking it everything but 'who is the fairest of them all.'

One question in particular caught the media's attention.

IPHONE USER: "Where can I find a prostitute?"
SIRI: "I found 15 escorts fairly close to you."
iPHONE USER: "So you can find prostitutes with it."

It's not known how fair those escort maidens are. But the Daily Mail says the prostitution query was pre-programmed in the iPhone as a joke.

"The 'service' is supposedly a joke, built into the software as an 'Easter Egg' ... 'Easter Eggs' are hidden features built into videogames, DVDs and videogames - in Siri, most of these are geeky jokes."

And SiFy reports there are varying responses to similar queries.

"Other requests for escorts bring up statements including 'Bad Boy! Looking for escorts', users have found."

But not all responses are pre-programmed jokes, and according to Wired it can't understand all questions. That'll get you some interesting answers such as the ones listed on tech blog "This is My Next...'

The blogger asked Siri, "I need to hide a body," to which it responded "what of place are you looking for"

And when asked "what is the meaning of life?" Siri responded, "I can't answer that right now, but give me some time to write a really long play in which nothing happens."

Even if Siri doesn't have the answer to all questions, Gizmodo still would prefer Siri over a magic mirror. And this is why.

Reporter: "Siri, What's the best smart phone?"
SIRI: "The one you are holding." (FLASH)
Reporter: "Siri I need some illegal drugs."
SIRI: "I found two addiction centers fairly close to you."
Reporter: "Siri Call me baby."
Siri: "From now on I will call you baby. OK?"(FLASH)
REPORTER: "What are you wearing Siri?"
SIRI: "Aluminosilicate glass and stainless steal. Nice. Huh?"

And who's the fairest video news app of them all? Newsy, of course. Visit the app store to make sure you've got the latest version.

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