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California Observes Official 'Steve Jobs Day'

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You're heard of Facebook official -- This one's "Twitter Official."

Californians are celebrating the state's official "Steve Jobs Day."

Governor Jerry Brown made the announcement, appropriately, via Twitter for iPhone declaring the holiday will be Sunday, October 16th.

The tech pioneer and Apple co-founder died October 5th at the age of 56.

KNTV notes, California's Steve Jobs day is also the same day Apple is holding his memorial.

"...Apple will hold an invitation only memorial at Stanford university for some of silicon valley's biggest names and those closest to Steve Jobs. Another memorial is planned on Wednesday for Apple employees."

But here's the thing: Governor Brown might be a little late to the dance. HLN reports, fans had already declared Friday, October 14th "Steve Jobs Day."

An HLN reporter caught up with the other "Steve Jobs Day" movement's founder.

REPORTER: "This movement was started six weeks ago by a man here in Atlanta and that man happens to be standing next to me live. His name is Todd." ...

TODD: "We never imagined he would pass away so soon. We knew he was sick but we thought longer. We picked a date randomly and it happened to work out where they launched the iPhone 4s today."

To commemorate the man and his legacy, San Francisco's KPIX hit the streets to ask fans to share their thoughts.

"At number 10 in line was a Google employee who revealed where his real loyalty lies."
MAN: "I have just been an apple fanboy for many years." ...
REPORTER: "Wozniak admitted the death of his friend made today that much more meaningful."
WOZNIAK: "Thinking about why I'm here makes me reflect a little more on it, on his, you know, death and absence and what he has done really the great he has done."

Also on California's Steve Jobs Day -- a documentary called "iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World" is airing on the Discovery Channel.

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