Multiple Colored UFOs Spotted In Junction City

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"Junction City, Ore.-- A flying saucer, a UFO, life from another planet? A Junction City man swears he saw some mysterious activity in the sky early Tuesday morning.

James Graybill says around midnight Monday night he saw 40-or-so bright lights of all colors flashing through the sky: blue, green, red of all shapes and sizes.

"They were all over the sky, and they were going west, and then when I started snapping pictures of them, the ones that went west went back east, and I'm going wow, so I started using my porch light, flipping it on, flipping it off, flipping it on, flipping it off. So I figured that probably attracted them when they were seeing the flash off my camera," says James Graybill.

Graybill says around 2:30 Tuesday morning he went inside because he was scared, not knowing what they were. He says his daughter also saw lights over Eugene's airport that night."

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