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UFO Crash Retrievals - Linda Moulton Howe LIVE


Investigative Journalist - Linda Moulton Howe presents extensive research about US government knowledge and cover-up of UFO crash retrievals and reverse engineering of advanced technology, as well as information from the UFO crash/retrieval status reports produced by Leonard H. Stringfield between 1978 and 1994 after his discharge from the US Air Force. Also features video of Dr. Dan Burisch discussing his work as a scientist researching Alien biology at Area 51.

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  • Wildly#

    Wildly October 21, 2011 7:08:41 AM CEST

    I believe the J-Rod is mentioned in Genesis 3....man like in structure with reptile or serpent features...it says that they were the most cunning beast or animal created of all the animals. They were able to converse with man and they did,which led to their removal from the surface of the earth. Their agenda has always been to live and walk in the kingdoms they OWN and RULE (Luke 4:6) on this earth.The Beast And The Man Of Desolation is what and who they are working on. He will very soon show himself and proclaim himself king of the world and continue to draw humans in with his awe and technology that will fix everything....but his end is marked.. and all who follow him... the book of Revelation.

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