NASA: The Ozone Hole: Summer 2011 (or a vortex?)

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The Ozone Hole: Summer 2011

This video compiles daily visualizations of the Antarctic ozone hole, from July 1, 2011, through Oct. 15, 2011. (no audio)

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Is this evidence new, or maybe, just maybe, the hole was always there, and we are just starting to notice anomalies in science.

Could this be evidence of a vortex? The implications are incredible. This is the best evidence of data from the south pole on earth I have come across. Look at the south pole on Google Earth and observe the huge white blob of manipulation.

Study the data carefully and watch it several times over if you need, to get familiar with the data. It's nothing like the vortex visible on Venus south pole (but it's not zoomed in like that)

I would much rather explore all the possibilities and follow the evidence.

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