Obama's 2012 DC Bunker Almost Complete

  • Uploaded by Fal2grace on Oct 23, 2011
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Obama's Mystery Building Work At The White House


President Obama is certainly no stranger to mystery and secrets but this time it could be as simple as hiding in plain sight. A massive hole has appeared in one of the most famous gardens in the world – the White House!
The hole that seems to be at least 100ft X 100ft has left the pipes running to the White House exposed and it seems that workers are lowering huge concrete blocksseveral stories below ground and have been for a while.

The official line from the White House seems to range from ‘It’s an air conditioning upgrade’ through to ‘it’s a security matter’. Regardless of what it actually is, it seems that the mystery is here to stay a while longer with speculation running wild.
More than a few people have speculated that it could be a new swimming pool or even an upgrade to the security bunker. Others have commented that it’s a new secret storage space to hide the deficit in!

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