Best Age To Earn Salvation:- Of the Four Ages, Dar

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Best Age To Earn Salvation:- Of the Four Ages, Dark Age is the Best to Fish Men. There are 4 Ages and this Dark Age of Greed is the best to earn Salvation as the very Light of our Father appears to Preach Gospel of the Royal Kingdom of God. Many get trapped into the web of Letters and become the men of Letters who happily bury their dead thoughts in Letters. Hardly anyone knows who created Adam and Eve or the importance of the sons of Adam. John, the Baptist, an Ideal Rabbi - Matt.13.52 - created sons of Abraham and then handed them over to Christ Jesus for turning them into the sons of God by the grace of our Father. Men of Letters as the University Professors are super donkeys carrying Holy Books who do not know why John, the Baptist was a Witness to the Light and not the Light and what role the outer circle 70, the members of the sanehedrian played in the Ministry of Christ Jesus or they belonged to John, the Baptist, Ideal Rabbis.
This subject is best understood by the scientists rather than the arts people of books. You must be capable of analysing the religious problems or Puzzles. The wholse story of Genesis is locked in the Saying of Jesus, "Every Plant, person, that my heavenly father Yahweh did not plant, has lost his tribal identity in Adam, shall be killed alongwith the supporters". Exodus is locked in the Parable of Prodignal son, Isaac, whose people went to Egypt and suffered. Jewish Leaven, the old testament was FORBIDDEN but the Messianic Jews loved it to create Darkness. They killed Apostles and suffered Holocausts as the Blind Guides led the blind into the Pits of deaths.

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