Occupy Tucson Demonstrators March To Court

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"40-60 Occupy Tucson demonstrators are expected to head to city court Wednesday.

They're the first of hundreds arrested and cited over the past 12 days for staying in city parks after hours.

On duty Tucson Police Department officers from bike and walking squads will also be inside the courtroom.

They've arrested and cited more than 300 protestors who chose to stay in the parks after 10:30 p.m. since the movement started.

Instead of taking the protestors to jail, police have been citing, arresting and field releasing them.

The city says this has saved $72,000 in booking costs.

Tucson City Council members seem happy with the way things are going now.

They say it shows the city is not favoring Occupy Tucson, compared to other groups who pay for a permit and insurance to use city property.

We spoke with one of the protestors who will be in court Wednesday.

He says they will all plead not guilty.

"My opinion right now, we are not breaking the law, and if we are, it's a law that should not have been there in the first place," says John McLean.

Meanwhile, City Parks and Recreation Director Fred Gray says "The hours of operation and things that are allowed in parks are for the protection of people and park property."

Gray says he doesn't expect anything to change for the time being.

Tucson police officers will continue to arrest, cite, and release folks at city parks after hours and city court will stay busy dealing with the citations."


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