Friends in Christ Jesus meet the Ideals of Christ

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Friends in Christ Jesus meet the Ideals of Christ Jesus. BROTHERS UPGRADED TO FRIENDS.
Our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus introduced to us our Real Father God that the Rabbis kept the people alienated as it was for the twice-born people of spirit. But when Christ Jesus came, then John, the Baptist handed to him men of age who were twice-born of spirit. These men were fed up with the hypocrisy of the Temple Priests and their Rabbi stooges. So, they were seeking Messiah and John, the Baptist, an Ideal Rabbi - Matt.13.v52 - or Prophet Elijah pointed to them Christ Jesus, the Lamb of God that would set the people Free of the clutches of Rabbis by offering his own sacrifice. So, Christ Jesus introduced to us our Real Father through His Word and told us not to call anyone else our father but God. This, Christ John told us in His Gospel that He made us the Sons of Most High Father. Christ Jesus himself was solitary and he urged his younger Brethren to be solitary too if they would like to enter through the Narrow Gate meant for the solitary that leads you to the Royal Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus has been Planted by Him, the Gardner. Christ Jesus being the Foreman trained his hired Labourers in the art of pruning and grafting to the True Vine. Those who met the Ideals of Christ Jesus or were able to graft themselves to the True Vine, He called them no more Brethren but Friends. In other words, the status of the Friends was higher than any other status. Friends were prepared to lay down their lives for the sake of Christ Jesus. So, when Lazarus died and Christ Jesus expressed his desire to visit Mary Magdalene to sympathise with her, then His Labourers told him why he is going into the hostile territory where they are seeking to kill him? But as Christ Jesus insisted that he must go then all the Labourers of Christ Jesus declared, Let us go with him and die with Him. Such is the nature of Friends and as Lazarus too was called a Friend by Christ Jesus, he too had a high spiritual status. That is, he too was a son of God, eternal like our Father. In order to demonstrate the general public especially the Temple Priests what Salvation is in our Father that on visiting the grave of Lazarus, Christ Jesus asked his Friend Lazarus to come out? He did to the amazement of all people watching and this is called Resurrection. But when Christ Jesus got himself resurrected, then not all could see his Astral Body expect those who believed in Christ Jesus as the anointed Royal High Priest of God. All the Labourers were paid their Wage Holy Spirit at Pentecost that Lazarus and Mary Magdalene also received. They all became Preachers with Christ Peter the Foundation Builder of Churches and He delivered the First Sermon in a New Church. Yesterday, I went to the Christ Church College, Oxford, to listen a lecture on Easter and Resurrection and I asked the question if the revival of Lazarus could be considered a resurrection or not? Prof. Thomas Sheehan of Oxford University answered that it was not resurrection but resuscitation of Lazarus. I could not believe his answer even I told him the definition of a Friend and in Adam, we are born and die like our tribal fathers whilst in God, our Father being Eternal, we too become eternal. University staff did not comment upon his deduction but listened like the dead burying the dead.

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