Moses put on Christ through the Winnowing Fire of

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Moses put on Christ through the Winnowing Fire of His Word - Burning Bush. WHY THE BURNING BUSH DIDN’T GET BURNT?
I was just pondering why the burning Bush did not burn when it was engulfed in fire? In the Light of the New Testament, it becomes crystal clear. If you know that Gospel is the Winnowing Fire that cleanse your heart of any impurities as gold is purified using flux, His Word, then subjected to heat till it has melted, or the ego of the person melts away. After Ego has vanished or the metal has become liquid, then the purifying Flux starts to work. In other words, His Word cannot act unless your heart is Free of the Ego and is as humble as the liquid that can take any shape or the person has given up his own wisdom in favour of the Wisdom of our Father derived through Logical Reasoning called Logos. Or you become a faithful Bitch, a Virgin, handing over your Leash to our Father. So, this Winnowing Fire of His Word burns away the Five Temptations of mind and put you under the control of Wisdom called Budhi or you are sealed to the Will of our Father, INSHALLAH and not your own will, INSHADAM in which you act like a Natural man or a solid metal full of ego. For example, Ravan and Ram Chander story demonstrate this. Ram Chander was the Prophet similar to Moses who gave laws for disciplining the natural man. That is why the Priests of Moses or Brahmins have Disciples who do what their Rabbi will tell them to do. Some go to the extreme that they will not make a cup of tea on Sabbath or put water if there is a fire in the house. That is why these Laws are called hypocrisy or PAKHAND and this Christ Jesus explained in His Saying, Letter killeth; spirit, SURTI, giveth Life. Letters are good for the once-born people to discipline them or lead them to good works. Under Moses Laws, tit-for-tat applies and people kill each other for the sake of ego. In Jesus, just the opposite and you hit the person not on physical body but over his conscience by presenting the other cheek.
Now, the roots of moral laws lie in His Word. So, the Moral Laws are like the Tree itself, that could be seen or the Letters with Roots in His Word that are not seen but perceived, His Word. You cannot get His Word without the grace of our Father. So, when Moses saw this Burning Bush talking to Him, it was like God telling Moses to have confidence to release the oppressed from the clutches of Egyptians who have suffered enough not to be unfaithful to Abraham anymore. So, that is why Moses returned to face the Pharoah for the release of the Chosen People to let them go to their Promised Land. In the Wilderness, Moses made them to repent and kill their ego to become faithful to Abraham. This story has been told by Christ Jesus in the Parable of the Prodignal son, Isaac and his people, the Chosen People in which the faithful Elder son is Ishmael and his people who carried on eating his humble pie. Father is Abraham, the Righteous person of our Father, a true Mussallmaan. This faithfulness of Arabians is also confirmed that Baby Christ Jesus went in the safety of the sons of Abraham in order to be out of the trouble of the sons of Satan, the Jews of physical selves, who could not be trusted. No wonder Herod killed the innocent babies and Jesus could have been the victim of their plot. Remember that today, these Tares are getting bundled up in Israel for FINAL BURNING through Atomic War. These Tribulations would culminate into this Final Judgement in which the countries rich in Mammon would perish. No wonder the poor are revolting against the rich leading to deadly clashes. Where the people are like the Samaritans, there shall be Peace and they will carry on to the next Age called SATTYUG, when all the people are Saint and no more fishing of men as in this Golden Dark Age of Christ. Put on Christ and Preach Gospel.

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