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How spiritually blind are the Russian Orthodox - Seminar in memory of Anthony Sourozh-1. Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh
Russian Orthodox holds an annual seminar in the sweet memory of Anthony who was kind hearted doctor turned Priest to serve people in Christ Jesus. It was my Brother Anthony who seems to have put an article on the Samaritan Woman at well - John 4, who was an Apostle of Christ Jesus known as St.Photina as the very Enlightened Person that the Messianic Jews put her a prostitute marrying one husband after the other that is just the opposite what she was. My father died in 1980 and in his honour I studied the New Testament in 1982. When I came across John 4 and the Five husbands, I immediately identified their names as KAAM - immorality; KARODHH - anger displayed by the once-born people especially the men of letters; LOBHH - Greed; MOH - worldly attachment or materialistic and finally HANKAAR of the religious knowledge learnt from the Books and not by spirit. HANKAAR was the last husband that was living with her - she was religiously very learned person - but dominating her no more as she learned this subject in spirit and not from the Books as the Jerusalem theologians or these University theologians learn. That is why she was able to vet Christ Jesus and within an hour or so, judged Him to be a Prophet and even proclaimed of the coming Messiah. Christ Jesus was too pleased to disclose that He is the Messiah. This Jesus did not disclose to the Jerusalem blind theologians of the letters. No wonder the Samaritan woman said to Jesus that you Jews hate us and you ask water of me? Jews still hate them and they still propagate that this Samaritan woman was a bad character even though she is one of the Saints in their Calendar. I leave it up to you how blind are the theologians who just follow each other without pondering. Here is the story I copied from Anthony
Now, I travelled from Reading to London Paddington station and then caught 23 Bus to Ladbroke Road for the Savia Church. In the same Bus was a retired person, who used to be an Editor, going to the same Church and I sat beside him. I showed him my Book, First Gnostic Principles of One God One Faith and after having a glance told me that I will not be welcome into the Church and I should go away. However, I did not mind his sarcastic remarks and dropped from the Bus but he just disappeared. So, I went into the Church and paid £9 as entry fee and he was sitting over there. He came to me that I am not welcome into the Church and he will speak Olga who organised the Seminar. Olga did not ask me to leave but the man kept on telling others that this man should leave. The result, people were reluctant to talk with me. That seems to be the typical hospitality of Orthodox Church who has these Antichrist Priests between man and God whereas we Royal Priests are above the Priests. Still Dog-Collars and robes dominated. Never mind. In God, you reap your own Reward.
There was a debate on Love and I wanted to contribute but the lady chairing the panel deliberately ignored me. There are four types of Loves: - 1. Eros among your own types displayed by the once-born people; 2. Agape Devine love displayed by the twice-born people as the Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person displayed; 3. Philo love between the Philosophers when they discuss His Word as Jesus and His solitary Labourers and the Final Fourth one of Friendship as the Labourers of Jesus prepared to risk their lives when Jesus insisted He must go to the Judea region to the House of His Friend Lazarus. Then, they all went together as Friends visiting the house of a Friend. Resurrection of Lazarus was for the benefit of general public to know that in God, His Sons do not die but becomes Eternal like their Father. It is only in Adam and his sons that are born and die as Adam is NOT eternal. They did mention Friend but half baked.

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