The Perfume Pill - Swallow Your Scent?

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Sick of putting on perfume every morning? Don't sweat it - or do.
A new pill promises to turn our perspiration into our own unique fragrance.

Australian self-described 'body architect', Lucy McRae, is the brains behind the brand 'Swallowable Parfum' which is still in the developmental stage.
Check out the teaser commercial;

The official website for the swallowable scent promises to create a very distinctive odor for each person.

"Swallowable Parfum is a cosmetic capsule that enables human skin to emit a genetically unique scent about who we are and how we perform our identities."

ABC Action News quotes McRae on her motivation for the pills enduring research;

"...this cosmetic capsule is part of an on going exploration that re-defines the role of skin."

The idea is another in a long line of simplifying the beautification process. The Daily Mail lays out the list of improvements, and pokes fun at a society that needs them.

"The futuristic potential solution to odour issues - or simply for those who are too lazy to squirt a spritz of perfume each morning - comes on the heels of a new 'perfume candy' that mimicks the staying power of garlic, replacing its antisocial breath odour with something altogether more attractive."

Meanwhile, a writer from TheStir has found a flaw in the pill. As well as being uncertain of the perfume's 'trippy' commercial they also question what would happen if your signature scent was no Chanel No 5?

"Can you imagine how you would feel if your "genetically unique scent" smelled like crap!? Not only would that be uber-embarrassing, but you'd be stuck with that scent floating around you for who knows how long."

It seems these days we can buy a pill for everything, including recent rumors of gray hair prevention pills and SPF pills in the not so distant future. The Irish Times thinks the idea of perfume going hi tech is just an increasing trend.

"From weight-loss pills to tanning injections, not to mention plastic surgery, we've long since broken the skin with internal beauty products...
With cosmetic products increasingly obsessed with technology, this could be the next step in marrying biology, technology and beauty in one little scented pill."

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