Fact or Fake Team Captures Sky Phenomena over Area 51

  • Uploaded by Grey on Oct 30, 2011
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In the video, three members of the Fact or Fake team take a trip to Area 51 to see if they can see any type of unusual activity over the secretive base.

Two members of the team locate themselves at Campfire Hill, which is located 15 miles from the base. The remaining member locates himself at Tikaboo Peak, located 26 miles from the base.

The Campfire Hill duo employed 4 Infra-red cameras to film the night skies. Soon, a security team is seen spotted in the Campfire Hill area.

As the team is monitoring the base, suddenly all of the runway lights come in, as if they are expecting something. Almost simultaneously, some type of phenomena is spotted in the sky. At the same time, all of the base lights are extinguised.

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