Allah or God? Which makes more sense? Allah is fro

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Allah or God? Which makes more sense? Allah is from Al-Ilah, The Father.

Allah is the Arabic word or origin and it is derived from Ilah, the tribal gods that were placed near the Kabah, the Temple of Adam. Ilah made sense when their Rabbis were spiritual like those of the Samaritans and produced good quality Mussallmans like the one Samaritan who picked up the wounded person and looked after him on philanthropic basis. Philanthropy is the Light of our Father and such a person he is in Allah and Allah in Him. That is why the Gentile did not need Christ Jesus and Philip has stated that a Gentile never dies for he does not live to die. Abraham was such a Mussallman and that is why he would not swear by the name of Allah and for Allah being in him, he swore by his own name. Thus, the word Allah is derived from the tribal gods Ilah and our Father in Spirit being the Highest of All or the Most High, so we call Him Al-Ilah, the Father that in English is called God, in Punjabi Ram, etc. As the inheritance of our Father’s Royal Kingdom is to His Sons, so the Samaritans enjoyed it through Philanthropic Deeds.
Now, we know Allah stands for our Father, then in Arabic what stands for Mother? In God, we have Father God and our Mother is Holy Spirit. So, what is equivalent of Holy Spirit in Arabic or the counterpart Power or Shakti of Allah? Similarly who are the counterparts or Shaktis of Ram, Har, Rabb, etc? It would be nice to explore into this field. Whilst Khuda, Yahweh and Brahma are the demiurge gods of Nature that you can see with your two naked eyes.

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