Awesome 60 Second Orbit Of Earth Night 2011 HD

The crew of the International Space Station pointed a camera at North America and the resulting still pictures were spliced together into a mesmerising speeded-up sequence. It shows a rotation of the Earth in just a matter of seconds from a vantage point 225 miles up. The sequence begins with lights from southern Canada sweeping into view before the station passes over central North America. Through the clouds, the peninsula of Michigan can be seen, with Chicago's millions of lights glowing at the south end of Lake Michigan. A few dramatic lightning storms can be seen flashing in the clouds over central United States before the East Coast of the United States, including Atlanta and Georgia, comes into view. Near the end of the video, the eastern half of the Florida peninsula is visible, as well as the shallow waters of the Bahamas. The station, a $100billion project of 16 nations, was finished this year after more than a decade of construction. The outpost, which is about the size of a five-bedroom house, supports a variety of scientific research and technology demonstrations. It has travelled more than 1.5 billion miles -- the same as eight trips to the sun and back. ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:

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