North American Union Leaders Meeting 11/13/11

No Press release from the Canadian Prime Minister Office.

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 28, 2011

Statement by the Press Secretary on the North American Leaders' Summit

President Obama will host Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada and President Felipe Calderon of Mexico for the North American Leaders' Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii on November 13, 2011. The meeting will build on wide-ranging, on-going cooperation among the United States, Canada, and Mexico with a particular focus on competitiveness, citizen security, energy and climate change, and North America's role in the Americas as well as in global economic, political, and security issues. The last North American Leaders' Summit was hosted by President Calderon in Guadalajara in August 2009.

Office of the Press Secretary of the 99%

For Immediate Release October 30, 2011

The biggest wealth shift in Canada's history is about to take form, Canada's unpopular Prime Minster has taken it upon himself in secret meeting with Corporations. A shift of open ended financial burden to the people of Canada to fund never ending security upgrades and mega infrastructures projects to further the profits of the worlds largest multinational Corporations.

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