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P&T Bullshit Gun Control -3


  • Lolwtf#

    Lolwtf January 22, 2010 5:25:24 PM CET

    I think guns SHOULD be banned from areas like Schools, Courtrooms, and Bars. This is my opinion because it would be out of respect for those around you. Don't get me wrong I love my guns I just don't think you would need a gun going to school, court, or going out getting completely trashed in a bar. Just leave it in the car. But, what I think is stupid is the conceal and carry laws why do we need to get a license to carry our guns in "Public places". It pretty much rules out the first word "public". And what Penn & Teller said about the criminals getting guns is completely true. Even if we had EXTREME gun laws criminals would laugh and get their wares from somewhere. It would just undermine our constitutionally granted rights to bear arms. And in fact put law abiding citizens at risk. More guns less laws on guns. All that we need is common sense, respect for the fellow man, and everything will work out fine.

  • Loveandlight#

    Loveandlight September 4, 2008 11:25:31 PM CEST

    very well said nice to see some one of standing with the balls to stand up for the people without bowing down to pressure of those above ie the goverment and the banking institutions that run them

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