Elite terrorists running US, UK and France

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Elite terrorists running US, UK and France. (Original title: "'High-class terrorists running US, UK and France' RT"). Video imported from: www.youtube.com [ Text imported from cited channel: " Uploaded by TruthTV12 on Oct 21, 2011. As some European leaders demonstrate a celebratory mood over the violent death of Colonel Gaddafi, they are no less terrorists themselves, claims international consultant and author Adrian Salbuchi. Salbuchi said Gaddafi's death was undoubtedly a message for the whole world, as it is not just about Libya. 'We are seeing how Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State expressed it very clearly: 'We came, we saw, he died,' and then started laughing. This is a message to the world of how this new world order model actually works', he stated. 'When they decide to change the regime, they do so with the utmost violence, and it is a whole model. First they target a country by calling it a rogue state; then they support local terrorists and call them freedom fighters; then they bring death and destruction upon civilians and they call it UN sanctions. Then they spread lies and call it the International Community's opinion expressed by the Western media. Then they invade and control the country and call it liberation and finally they steal appetizing oil and call it foreign investment and reconstruction', Salbuchi explained. At the moment Western powers are hailing a democratic future for Libya. When Saddam Hussein was captured in 2003 the US also thought ...

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