NASA-UFO HACKER (Gary McKinnon - Seeking the Truth For The World)!!! Support Him !!!!

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Updated Download Link: Gary Mckinnon is a HERO Amongst the UFO Community and World !!! Gary Mckinnon hacked into NASA looking for evidence of ZPE (Zero Point Energy) and UFO coverups. While in the hacked NASA (Unsecured Machine) he looked in folders (Unfilterd) - Pictures of Ufos in orbit, and pictures of mars and planets to be air brushed, and (filtered) folder had the after pictures been airbrushed to be released to the world and posted on (BOYY COTT NASA.GOV) (Disinformation) also he mentions, how 'The Disclosure Project" Steven Greer & Cseti - Information and Evidence was on one machine read as correct by high ranking nasa employees. Currently, he is being extradited to the US for hacking into NASA. And be sentenced for 60Yrs. What a JOKE !!! Governments lies to world, and Bush KILLS OVER MILLION PEOPLE, AND STILL LIVES FROM THIS DAY! Gary Mckinnon, was just doing whats right for the public to know about Anti Gravity to help pollution problems. and how the Governments (Shadow Gov) Control NASA, and How Nasa covers-up about UFOS (The Truth of Our Humanity History) All he wanted was to inform the world the truth. !!! Government has been lying for MANY MANY YEARS!!! Benjamin Fulford updates mention the fall of the illuminati is very near, so in Sheldan Nidle GFL updates. Gary Mckinnon will be SET FREEE SOONN when Light Workers, and GFL take Position of Power. - Disclosure is Imminent !!! SUPPORT GARY MCKINNON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*HACKED NASA SYSTEMS ...

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