Rich fleeced the poor and the Poor Killed Rich dur

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Rich fleeced the poor and the Poor Killed Rich during the Holocausts.Samme will happen. If you want to be Perfect, give your riches to the poor that you had fleeced to become rich. The rich Jewish man pulled a long face and left Jesus. Now, the Samaritans were neither rich nor poor for there was no cheating. They were men of Light earning His Treasures through Philanthropy. If some Gentile went to Jerusalem, the greedy and clever Jewish Rabbis would fleece them under one excuse or the other until they were left with nothing. Then, such victims of greed would approach St.James, the Just, the Twin in spirit Brother of Christ Jesus and he would go to the House of that Rabbi and beg him to return his money. In other words St.James, the Just was the Patron Saint of the Gentiles and when the Jews killed him, the Gentiles were so upset with the killing of the Just people that they started to kill the old and young Jewish people in villages that they have to run to Jerusalem for safety in 64 A.D. onward. In 66 A.D., the Roman siege Jerusalem and build a wall around it to trap them well. The Jewish people who killed Jesus, Stephen and St.James died like flies and Roman prayed to God that we have nothing to do with this killing. Then, in 70 A.D., the members of Sanhedrin, the Temple was destroyed forever. Now, its Replacement is the Golden Temple in Amritsar but what gold has to do with God? Most corrupt Temple of God in the world. Israel cannot rebuild the Temple anymore.

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