Freemason ,33, 11-11-11 Stargate? Rapture?

  • Uploaded by Nwomaster on Nov 1, 2011
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A look at the Freemasons and the 11-11-11 date.Will the 11-11-11 date be the Freemasons 33 ? Is this the time they have been waiting on to begin the New World order?Antichrist return? Nibiru?Elenin?Hopi Prophecy? New Age? Ascension? Mayan calendar? 2012?Aquarian age?Age of aquarius 11-11-11 stargate?Wormhole? Stargate?Pre-trib Rapture?..Britney spears. Illuminati symbolism. jay z. Rhiana. beyonce. Obama.Sirius ,Annunaki , Nephlim ,ufo

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