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At this moment, many things are happening all over our planet and even beyond, things that are concealed, twisted or simply denied by the government.
Fortunately we now live in the most wonderful time in human history, be cause we as Humanity are on the verge of an evolutionary leap.
In these magnificent times, more and more people are waking up. People who think for themselves, people who have the knowledge and understanding. But unfortunately, 90% of the people in this world is still asleep.
Our mission is to wake these people up, and stand up for themselves, instead of only being a slave to the system. We also want to educate people and let them open their eyes to see and experience the true reality.
We know there are a lot of people out there who have a story to tell, but are afraid to step forward with their knowledge, understandings, thoughts or expreiences.
However, it is more important than ever, for the people, the earth and it's universe, to get this knowledge out to the public. We help those people to tell their story.
Do not listen to the lies that the mainstream media or the government tells you, listen to the testimony of your fellow man, listen to the words of the people and spread these words throughout this world!
There are many stories and issues that many people not yet know everything about. So, we ask everyone, to share their knowledge, tell their story and share it with the public through the socialleaks website or socialleaks youtube channel.
Some of the topics Witch are involved are UFO's, HAARP or Weather manipulation, Chemtrails, Polution, strange anomolies, the system, Extraterrestrial Contact, Illuminati, the new world order, the truth about war, education, food and the environment.
But also things like awakening, meditation, ascension, science, the human mind and body.
We must all unite and join forces. Knowledge is power, and unity is strength. With those two we can educate people, wake them up and change the world together! Get involved today! Thank you for listening.

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