Cemetery of giant creatures found Central Africia

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Cemetery of giant creatures found in Central Africa Kigali, Rwanda — According to a scientific report filed by a team of anthropologists digging in Central Africa, up to 200 gigantic alien bodies entombed for five centuries have been unearthed. ...

Cemetery of giant creatures found in Central Africa
Kigali, Rwanda — According to a scientific report filed by a team of anthropologists digging in Central Africa, up to 200 gigantic alien bodies entombed for five centuries have been unearthed.





Upon the discovery, village elders urged the people to flee and some women fled screaming clutching their infants.

But the African find is only the latest in a string of alien body discoveries stretching back some seventy years.

This creature is alleged to have two faces

China’s strange alien bodies

It seems if anthropologists or archaeologists dig hard enough, deep enough, and long enough, sooner or later alien bodies will surface.

1937 was a banner year for alien corpses in China. That was the year several scrawny alien cadavers were allegedly discovered. All had huge heads—and buried in caves nearby were mysterious discs that came to be called the “Dropa stones.” [See Before It's News:Alien Base Found At Chinese Pyramid]

Alien figurine from the Han Dynasty

Fast forwarding several decades, archaelogists breaking into a small pyramid in Egypt claimed to have found a giant, alien-like humanoid. Unlike most ancient Egyptians, the cadaver was not mummified, had no ears or nose, a very wide mouth and no discernible tongue.

Such a body may be explained as being an alien—or it could have been a giant slave buried alive with his tongue cut out, as Egyptians were known to do when a slave’s master or mistress died.

And there the answer might lie, except for the testimony of those that discovered the tomb where the remains were found. They claimed strange artifacts littered the floor of the burial chamber.

Among the relics, the team also found a burnished disc of unknown metal engraved with unknown symbols—not the expected Egyptian hieroglyphs. They also retrieved small stone tablets depicting pictograms of stars, planets and bizarre machines.

An alleged giant alien skull unearthed by amazed researcher

The corpse was not wrapped, nor dressed, in a traditional Egyptian burial shroud or garb, but was clothed in an odd metallic tunic. It’s feet were adorned with shoes or slippers that had a look and feel similar to vinyl.

Amulet: A strange alien being wearing helmet

The tomb itself was odd.

The stones to the entrance had to be smashed apart by the team because the rock was fused and melted. Inside the eerie burial chamber, the interior walls seemed polished and partially covered with thin, hanging sheets of a substance having the consistency of lead.

Spelunkers find remains of alleged alien being

The amazing Turkish spaceman

Years later—far from Egypt—Turkish spelunkers almost tripped over a weird cadaver while exploring a remote mountain cavern: a partially mummified pygmy alien.

Police were notified, but they determined if murder was involved, the foul play took place thousands of years before the cave explorers happened upon the fragile body.

Later, forensic experts in Istanbul dated the remains to the last Ice Age. More curious than the mummified remains of the pygmy Ice Man (the corpse was no taller than three and a half feet during life) was the bizarre resting place where the group of explorers found the body: a heavy, oddly shaped casket said to be composed of some sparkling crystal-like material.

Pathologists that studied the corpse agreed it appeared humanoid and was not a species of ape. All the facial features were similar to a human except for one shocking variation: it’s eyes were three times larger than a normal human’s eyes. The creature’s pupils also resembled a reptile’s more than a mammal’s eyes. All were amazed that the body showed so little signs of decay.

What technology cut these gigantic stones?

African aliens mass grave discovery called ‘stunning’

Back in Africa, as many as forty mass graves were reportedly discovered at the dig. The large clay pits contained hundreds of well-preserved cadavers.

Supposedly, the remains of the unworldly creatures were tall—measuring as much as seven feet or more in length—but despite the size of the creatures’ legs, arms and torsos, their heads were described as huge—and distinctly disproportionate—compared to their bodies.

‘Valley of the Moon Mountain Dragons’ also holds secrets

Alledgedly, the partially mummified remains of the enigmatic creatures showed no evidence of normal human facial features.

One of the scientific team called the discovery momentous and stunning.

Intense exploration of the region around the alien cemetary did not reveal the slightest trace of any anomalous artifacts or the telltale remains of an ancient, damaged spacecraft.

Despite their failure to discover any other hard evidence, the team believes it’s possible the humanoids were crewmembers aboard a large alien vessel that crashed or became incapacitated. They speculate that, gradually, the crew succumbed to common Earth-borne diseases.

Who buried the last of the alleged aliens is unknown…like so many other things about this latest alien graves discovery more questions are raised than are answered.


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The rock and all natural surrounding materials are fused together in a way only nuclear heat could cause. These sites are all near tunnels. If you research the technology that was used in the digging of the DUMB tunnels, they mention a machine capable of fusing the walls of these tunnels in a way that causes them to look like glass. So it would appear there are many similarities here.
And if we (at some point in ancient history) sealed these creatures in these underground tombs, whose to say that this is not what is taking place all over again in the tunnels between Virginia, Colorado and Florida?

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