Reincation in Adam through Works whilst Salvation

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Reincation in Adam through Works whilst Salvation or Rest - MUKAAM - in God through Grace. KARMA AND RE-INCARNATION IN RABBIS WHILST GRACE AND SALVATION IN GOD.
I went to attend a Seminar on Henry Scott Holland and the Rediscovery of Virtue and the lectures were given by The Rt Hon Frank Field MP Purge This Realm of Bitter Things. During his lectures, he talked about Karma and Re-incarnation, a popular Hindu concept. Yes. We are re-born in Adam and what we are reborn depends upon our past works or deeds. In India, a certain rich man was celebrating the death anniversary of his rich father and Second anointed Christ Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji happened to be in that city as well. So, this rich Khatri sent for Satguru Nanak Dev Ji to share the meal in honour of his late father but Satguru Nanak Dev Ji told this rich Khatri that your father cannot eat these things but meat. That surprised this rich Khatri and Nanak led him to his late father who was re-born a wolf. The wolf talked and asked his son to distribute the ill gotten riches for his Salvation which the son did. Same was told by Christ Jesus, return your ill gotten riches to the poor and you will be Perfect like the Gentile who were neither rich nor poor but had a balanced society with no custom of having slaves to work for them as they did not fleece people but helped the needy that the Jews refused to help. So, our birth depends upon our past deeds and good past deeds earn you human birth with the chance of grace of our Father to be blessed with Christ in your heart too making you capable of Drinking the refreshing Blood of Christ. Understanding the Gospel spoken by Jesus is eating the Juicy flesh of Jesus.
Thus, when a person has Christ in his heart, then he becomes the son of most high Father God and through Preaching Gospel, he gets the chance of earning his Salvation by becoming eternal like His Father God. This chance is greatest during this Dark Age when people are misled by the sons of Satan putting on funny robes, dog-collars, etc to deceive the general once-born public. Twice-born of spirit are rare who could challenge these antichrists stressed by Christ Jesus in Matt.12.v43-45, the arid spirit, the defunct Temple Priests entered the Church of God and corrupted it with the FORBIDDEN Jewish leaven, the written Torah. In Christ Jesus, we have been moved from the old organised brick-built Temple of Satan to our Brand New Temple of God made by Nature. New House has already got New Utensils and the old are not needed but they are worthless to be dumped away. Or in Christ Jesus, OLD TESTAMENT IS DEADLY POISON TO THE NEW TESTAMENT.
So, this Dark Age that appears after the other Ages of the Cycle is a Golden Opportunity to eat the flesh of Jesus - understand Gospel - and Drink the Refreshing Blood of Christ or Preach Gospel. Still not many customers for Gospel never mind Preaching.

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