Michael Moore Confronted At Occupy Denver 2011

Michael Moore exchanged a few words with CBS4 reporter Evrod Cassimy before he was escorted to his waiting SUV. When asked if he would acknowledge that he was rumored to be worth $50 million, and isn't he part of the one percent, Moore replied, "I do very well." Cassimy: "How are you helping these people?" Moore: "Because I do well, I want taxes raised on people who do well, including mine." Cassimy: "How are you helping these people with your $50 million? Moore: "I don't have $50 million." Cassimy: "That's what it's rumored you are worth." Moore: "Well, really. Is that what you do is sell rumors?" Cassimy: "We're asking you for the truth." Moore: "You're just punk media is all you are. You lie. You lie to people. Stop lying to people. Stop lying." Cassimy: "Are you not part of the one percent?" Moore: "Just don't lie, okay?" ADG Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow ADG on Twitter: twitter.com

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