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first foundational myth of creationism

  • John302
  • uploaded: Nov 6, 2011
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  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u November 6, 2011 5:32:33 PM CET

    Ha ha. Reparably well done. It only leaves the question, why is this religious movement created. There are lots of answers. But if you allow me. When the war against worldwide terrorism started in 2002, mister President Bush elaborated that this would be a 25 year war. Some would be open to the public. Some of it would happen hidden from the media and some things would probably never see the daylight. One big worry must have been the suicide terrorists. How is it possible that people sacrifice their lives. Well, being a fanatic believer of some misused aspects of Islam, is a common profile of these terrorists. Maybe, some people have concluded that in case of emergence, it would be convenient to have a small group of very special forces that are willing to sacrifice their lives in crucial operations as the war on terrorism comes to a climax around 2025. But how to create these very special forces? Well, creationism has all the aspects of an extreme dogmatic religion, believing that God created the world 6000 years ago, during these 7 magical days in the beginning. If you believe that, I mean really believe that, and you believe that this war on terrorism is the war of the end of the days like described in the apocalypse of St. John, than you are maybe open to sacrifice your live for the good course, no? Creationism became a strong movement in the beginning of the new millennium. So some of the young children, educated with this creationism now, the most suggestion will be ready as adults, to become fanatic believers, just like the fanatics, we started the war for in the first place. Isn't this ironic and sad.

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