ufo seen in north brazil for last fifteen years 1

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UFO seen in North of Brazil (rainforest area) everyday for the last 15 years and it has even a time to appear: from 18:40 on
A misterious light that appears in Iata district is intriguing the people that live in that region. The local TV sent reporters there to find out a bit more about this phenomenon

In Iata, a district of Guarajá Mirim, everybody is talking about the appearing of a light that changes its colours and intensity and is seen more often in the seventh vicinal line of the district. People gather in front of the houses to talk about the phenomenon.

The interviewed people claim they do not know what this is, but they are convinced it is not a prank or anything made by humans, they claim that it is some unknown natural phenomenon.

The oldest people in the area sustain that the light has been appearing for 15 years around that place and that many legends exist about that mystery.

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