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11/6/2011 -- Oklahoma MAN MADE earthquakes -- Fracking -- 5.6 magnitude within occuring swarm

here is a link to the screenshot proof of nearby 'FRAC' well sites..

Recently, over the past several months, several earthquake swarms have occurred in Colorado/New Mexico border, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

All of these swarms have been VERIFIED oil/fracking fields ... seen simply by looking at satellite images of the areas .. for sure 'frac' drilling pads and oil wells.

Over a dozen earthquakes in a "Fracking" field --- FRAC well drilling at the direct area of the epicenter of the 5.6, the 4.7 and the 4.0 (as well as about 10 other smaller earthquakes so far).

I have put together a compilation of earthquake monitoring sites BOOKMARK these now.. you might need them soon ! :

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