YU-55 and 11-11-11 Update

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Nov 9, 2011
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Another update of what's going on the next 3 days. Did You Know Feds Will Temporarily Cut Off All TV and Radio Broadcasts on Nov. 9? www.theblaze.com SUBLIMINALS SUGGEST YU55 TO STRIKE MOON www.youtube.com Uploaded by migfoxbat on Nov 7, 2011 www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Richard Hoagland Says Moon Will Probably be Hit By Asteroid on November 10th! www.project.nsearch.com Asteroid YU-55 Photo Enhancements - Pic rense.com AMAZING Asteroid YU-55 Photo Enhancements (Pictures) theintelhub.com Asteroid YU55 Headed Toward Earth: First Images Released theintelhub.com Asteroid Vesta Features Massive Mountain Twice the Size of Mount Everest www.inquisitr.com El Hierro Volcano (Canary Islands) : Red alert -- strongest steam/ash/gas eruption so far earthquake-report.com Could This Enormous Sunspot Be THE ONE? modernsurvivalblog.com Angry Face on the Sun? modernsurvivalblog.com After the EMP comes Nuclear Meltdown modernsurvivalblog.com

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