Jiddu Krishnamurti: Observing Ourselves

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Do you ever wonder and think about how each of the events, conditions and circumstances, both the "good" as well as the "bad" in your day to day life come into being? Have you ever considered the possibility that there just might b...

Do you ever wonder and think about how each of the events, conditions and circumstances, both the "good" as well as the "bad" in your day to day life come into being?
Have you ever considered the possibility that there just might be something bigger and more powerful happening "behind the scenes", something that you might not currently have an understanding or awareness of that once understood and acted upon would enable you to dramatically improve the quality of life that you're experiencing whether it be physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually regardless of how "good" or "bad" you might currently perceive things to be?

Whether you're currently aware of it or not...There is.

What is it?...The Power Of You!!

There are far to many in this day and age that are continually seeking to "improve" themselves or their circumstances fully believing that they will find whatever it is that they are searching for whether it be more "stuff", greater peace, more happiness, etc. etc. someplace other than where it is always found. They all too often perceive themselves as somehow flawed fully believing that in order to fulfill themselves they must HAVE more and to get it that they must DO more so they can BE somebody not only in their own eyes but in the eyes of others.

Although it is true that to have more you must become more, most choose strictly physical avenues attempting to create the more they desire and in the process overlook and fail to discover that it is through the becoming more at an "internal level" that would provide to them all the more that they desire to have.

Few fail to realize that they already possess EVERYTHING required to create whatever outcome they have a desire to create and that the ONLY thing that is missing and keeping them from doing so, is the elevated AWARENESS of how to make it a reality in their lives. The truth is you already possess the power, you just haven't yet discovered...or should I say RE-discovered how to consciously utilize it in a way that brings about the desired result.

Developing the awareness of that power which has been freely provided to you and which has ALWAYS been present is the first step in making that a reality in YOUR life.

Whether you currently realize it or not, you already are creating the events, conditions and circumstances which happen in your life, but unfortunately most are doing so unconsciously.

I'm not talking about the "physical creations" that you achieve by going to work and other physical activities that you engage in to create your physical results. I'm talking about becoming "conscious of" how ALL things are brought into the physical world starting at the seed level, which once understood, embraced and consciously used would make your physical efforts FAR more productive and require FAR less physical strain to produce FAR greater physical results.

This months edition of "Enlightened Journey" will focus on enhancing and expanding that level of awareness and provide you with a deeper understanding regarding the limitless power that you do and have always possessed that will enable and empower you to begin creating FAR more and FAR greater "desired" results than you may have previously believed were possible for you.

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