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This object i filmed between jan 7 2009 and the summer of 2010 was identical to an ex-youtube user called "giftmitch", whose a/c was deleted last year, but not before i copied his videos, with sections in this video and his narration of what was above him for what he said were a few years. Also he states that stars are not visible where he was and that there were 50-odd of these objects in the sky that he was filming, resulting in 2 videos called "Critters" 1 and 2. The site of Benjamin Creme, who is detailing the supposed arrival of "Maitreya" has a site www.share-international.org where there is a video "The "Star" Sign" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuuMOvy1KNE - {of which there are segments in my video here} also on youtube. This video shows the objects seen worldwide, with the one that was above my home at 2.41 mins. into the video, taken from footage from the 1st time i saw and filmed this object, in "night vision", which may or may not be Infra Red, as cameras vary as to this function. . When filmed not at the setting the object was a white blob as seen often in giftmitchs videos, but in "night vision" {or I.R. if it indeed was that} one can see much detail. The quality of the detail varied with whatever cloud cover there was at the time obviously, but this object was not in space, but above the earth seemingly just very high up. Giftmitch states a distance of 250 miles, but if that distance is correct will never be known.. This object was far brighter than any star ive ever seen, or planet. Venus moves about over the months, as do the other stars, noticibly over a year period, and this object always remained in the same position.Filmed thru my 1st floor window usually between 1 am + 4 am, the daylight film was shot at approx. 4.45 pm with nothing in the sky other than tthe airplane seen spewing chemtrails....
. Seen worldwide, this is just one video of i know not what, and do not deny or endorse it being anything connected with "Maitreya"..tks for ur time.

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